The workshop aims to analyze the theoretical foundation of the contemporary architectural practice, emphasizing the conceptual roots of Islamic architecture and examining the impact of modernization on current architectural values. It strives to chart a course toward a responsible architectural direction that addresses the local and global challenges of our communities in an innovative and conscious manner.

Number of annual rounds: 15 rounds
Workshop duration: 56 hours/round


"AIN" Workshop discussing and constructing a comprehensive perspective of Islamic architecture and civilization, the workshop is based on several pillars, including:

  1. Researching the "principles and ideas" upon which Islamic civilization's architecture is built.
  2. Reading the "architectural heritage" through field trips.
  3. Examining the contemporary "architectural reality" in the Arab world.
  4. Searching for suitable "new architectural alternatives" that anticipate the future.

Workshop Axes: Seven main axes, interspersed with field trips:

  1. (Architecture, Society, and Civilization): This axis focuses on understanding the relationships between these three elements.
  2. (Not Islamic Architecture): This axis addresses the most famous interpretations and simplifications related to our understanding of Islamic architecture.
  3. (The Duality of Islam and the West): This axis explores the relationship between major ideas in our world and their reflections on architectural production.
  4. (Western Architecture): This axis traces how architectural theory evolved in Europe and its reasons.
  5. (Architecture in Islam): This axis familiarizes with the jurisprudence of urbanism "Fiqh AlOmran", distinguishing between constants and variables in the Islamic perspective on architectural theory.
  6. (Extremism and Architecture): This axis questions the aspects of architectural extremism and its relationship to extremist ideas.
  7. (Pioneering Architectural Experiences): This axis reviews some realistic experiments that have sought innovative architectural alternatives to address the challenges faced by our communities.